Lynksys wireless-N PCI Adapter needs to be constantly reset

for about the last 6 months I have been reseting my internal wifi card adapter on a regular bases. I have reset the channels it works on so it doesn't interfere with the cordless. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and yes I got the updated driver from the manufactures site. Is a defect in the card an interference problem or what?
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    Unless you save a profile (of settings) for the wireless adapter this will happen evey time you try to connect -- so it doesn't sound like that's the issue. Even if reception is problematic the system should keep trying to connect to the SSID you've selected.

    You might conclude there's a hardware fault and these adapters are not really expensive any more so it may be worth investing to save the annoyance.
  2. Yes fihart could be right - it could be your PCI card. The best way to check this is insert that PCI to another PC, if it works then it is your motherboard (you could have some hardware conflict with the PCI). But if the PCI adapter does not work - just replace it.
  3. Thank you for reply I tried another card and it resolved the issue.
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