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So, I've got two evga 580gtx oc cards, a 2600k intel i7, 16gb- 4x4gb g.skill 8cas 1600mhz ram, and waiting for vertex 3 (120gb ssd x2 raid 0) to come out. I had my eye on the ASUS P8P67 Deluxe, but i noticed the first graphics card would run at 16x and the second at 8x. i have a monitor with a res of 2560x1440, and was wondering if i had two 580gtx in sli, would it be better to have something like the ASUS P8P WS Revolution instead which supposedly does pci x16 to both slots simultaneously. Is that even something i should be worried about since its only 2xsli and not more? Would I/YOU notice a difference in performance? I do a little of everything from gaming to photoshop to video editing. I like the roomier WS Revolution board though, would be good airflow for the 580s in the Coolermaster HAF X. Well, let me know what you experts think.. thx in advance!
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  1. PS does anyone know why these asus p8p67 series are nowhere to be found? is there a refresh going on to the boards or something?
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