External Sata 6 to USB 3 module for SSDs?


I am looking for a high quality external Sata 6 to USB 3 module (not enclosure) that does not require additional power. I have found these for USB 2 but not 3. This is for use with SSD's. Figured this might be the place to ask :).

This is an example but it requires external power:


Anyone ever look for / find one of these? Even general experience with enclosures with like specs and needs would be appreciated :)
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  1. Anyone?
  2. You're unlikely to find one that is not a 2.5 enclosure as 3.5 drives use to much power. If.org for SSDs anyway what the difference? An enclosure is just an adapter with sides.

  3. Yeah, I have found various 2.5 enclosures that do not need secondary power but was hoping for a straight adapter. Must might have to canabalize an enclosure. This would be in a situation where there are multiple loose SSDs and site traveling.
  4. I wound up finding it already (post above yours). The link you show seems as it requires power separately (not powered through USB).

    Check this one out, this is what I was looking for:

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