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The motherboard I purchased says it has an ATI RADEON HD 3000 onboard, but when installing the drivers, it says differently. That graphics card isn't listed. How do I get it work?
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  1. did you use the driver from the CD that come with your motherboard or download it else where?
  2. What do the drivers say it is? Maybe you have a 3000 series and not actually 3000.
  3. you most likely have the HD 3200 integrated chip which is part of the HD 3000 series.
  4. we need more info here...
    what message did you get?
    My HD4850 is listed as HD4800 series... :)
  5. let the drivers say anything but you better try out a benchmarking software to check your graphic details.....
    u can download one here http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Info/SiSoftware-Sandra.shtml

    install the above and cofirm your details........
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