HP 3115m Solid State Drive Problems

Alright as the title says it all, I am using a HP 3115m netbook and I just installed a ADATA S510 120gb ssd. I realize that I can't have max performance especially because the netbook only has SATA 2, but I should be getting higher read and write speeds than 193MB/s read and 145MB/s Write. I have gone through the HP bios and it is of course limited to what a 5 year old could easily deal with. I can't find a way to change to AHCI mode or anything. I am throwing myself at your mercy here because I am at wits end. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    What are your expectations? This is a relatively slow system and the transfer speeds that you achieve seem acceptable.
  2. Its more I needed an opinion from someone who has more knowledge on the subject than I did. If these speeds seem acceptable due to the relativly slow nature of the system than I am happy with it. Its still loads faster than the original piece of junk 5400rpm hard drive that it came with. Thanks for the help
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