Wireless bridging two routers wrt300n and tew-430

I have a wrt300n and needed to boost the signal outside, basement etc. The wrt is on the top floor.

I purchased a TRENDnet 19 dBi Outdoor High Gain Antenna not realizing that the wrt does not have removalble antennas.

I was told by trendnet to purchase a tew-430 and hard-wire the wrt to the tew and then I can use the antenna.

I do not know the terms but I need the two to work as one. Right now I have 2 ssid's the wrt and the trendnet.

The instructions on the tew are terrible.

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  1. You are thinking of removing the antennas and replacing it with trendnet 19Dbi.
    You have this Linksys WRT300N: Wireless-N Broadband Router - You want to boost the signal outside and basement etc. Well you can connect an access point to the router for the outside and another for the basement. Don't try removing the antennas and replaced it with trendnet 19Dbi.
  2. trendnet said run cat5 from tew to wrt and connect 19dbi to trendnet....i am not replacing antennas....but it shows 2 ssid's....i just want one.
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