Why would an 1156 mobo support i5 and i7 and not i3?

After ordering, i realized that the Gigabyte P55 USB3 motherboard advertises that it supports i5 and i7 processors. Why would it not support the i3 as well?? Or does it? On the cpu support list on the gigabyte website it lists the i3's, so i just dont get what the deal is with this. Will the i3 540 i ordered work with this board?!?
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  1. Yes it will. Some newer cpus require a different bios file, but the 540 has been around since the beginning.
  2. The manufacturer's site is the final word. So if the CPU support list at the manufacturer's site says that motherboard supports that processor, then you are covered.
  3. It's clearly on the list.
    Don't tell me you were reading a Newegg description.
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