Second Drive runs Slowly

after i installed my second drive . i try transferring files from main to second drive and the speed is ok but, when im getting files from the second drive it was very slow . it takes 50 mins to transfer 1.5gb from second drive to main and sometimes there's a pop up saying that cannot find the source or something ..

can anyone please help me .

this are my specs

320gb WDC Blue (main drive)
2tb WDC Green (second drive)

Mobo: Asus M5A88-V EVO
CPU: 3.4ghz AMD F4100
PSU: HX650w Corsair
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  1. the green drives are a little bit slower than the blues, but 50mins for a 1.5gig is a little extreme, have you ran any health checks on the new drive?
  2. how ?
  3. download WD tools here:

    make sure there are no smart errors, also check for bad spots.

    also is this just one large (1.5g) file you are tyring to move? or lots of little files?
  4. you could also run a chkdsk on your main drive, to make sure the file is OK
  5. just 1 file only . a movie
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