Gigabyte ATI Radeon 5870 48c idle

My Gigabyte ATI Radeon 5870 is idling at 48c! Nearly everyone says it idles at 38-40c so there is definitely a problem here.

Gigabyte GPA890
AMD Phenom x4 965 3.4ghz - (35c idle - 55c load)(stock cooler)
Corsair 1333mhz 4GB
Corsair 750tx
CM 690 II case

So, is 48c too high !? I already ordered and haven't installed 2x 140mm case fans. Right now my case only has 1x 140mm intake fan and a 140mm rear exhaust.

Please! Don't let my 5870 die! lol
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  1. Well, look at the clock speeds of current idle temperatures, as ATI clocks at 157/300,400/600,600/900.

    Mine idles at 29c at 157/300 with 21c ambient temp, how is your ambient temp?
  2. can I find my ambient temperature in cpuid hardware monitor? Or by ambient do you mean inside my house which is about 70f or 21c?
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    I mean your room temp. Does the intake fan of your case have a lot of cables in front of it? if so try to move them a bit as it can reduce airflow effectiveness, also, are you using only hardware monitor as temp monitor? check at ati CCC too (the readings could not be precise)
  4. The cables are kinda in the way of airflow, but not so much as the hard-drive slots. Moving them around should help. ccc seems to read about the same temp. I played crysis for 5 minutes and the temp hit 65c. sheesh. Two more 140mm fans should do the trick?
  5. Load up GPU-Z, start gaming at crysis for a few minutes, then close and check the max readings of "gpu temperature" at "sensors" tab. Should not exceed 80c.

    No, adding more fans should not improve gpu temperature, in fact, if you randomly place more fans the ambient temp of the PC could increase..

    Edit, forgot to say, when gpu-z is active close other temperature/voltage reading applications.
  6. seems to max at 70c. Should be ok then, but I won't be buying another gigabyte card.
  7. Glad is okay.
  8. Do you by chance use 2 monitors? If you have two monitors, it doesn't idle at as low of clocks as it does for single monitor people.
  9. Nope, just a single 42" @1920x1080. I will probably switch to a 22" 1920x1200 screen today and see how that turns out.
  10. Don't worry about it too much, your card is fine, as under load stays within limits of temps.

    The idle clock of your card is most likely at 400/600 instead of 157/300, and that's why is a bit hotter. Automatically the card manage under clocking by powerplay so, nothing to worry about.
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