Are my components compatible? ($550 Gaming PC)

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  1. Just to let you know, all those links 404 :)

    All that hardware appears to be compatible however. Should be a pretty decent budget system at that :)
  2. Thanks... I just noticed that every piece I linked was bought in today :(
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    You can get a better build on newegg.

    Sapphire 5770 $159 w/ $10 MIR

    G Skill Eco 1600 cas 7 $110

    7200.12 500gb and Hec Blitz $59

    OCZ 600w 80+ and Samsung $72 w/ $20 MIR

    Ga-770-ud3 and Athlon ii x3 940 $150 w/ $10 MIR

    $551 before shipping and $30 in rebates
  4. The thing is that I don't own a US credit card, so I can't buy in neweggs :S
  5. How are you getting from amazon then?

    Newegg does take paypal you know.
  6. Amazon takes international visas, I will try the paypal method. Thanks man.
  7. BTW which PSU would be better??
    Eagle Voltas ET-PSVTX600E-BK 600Watt Power Supply 12cm LED fan, 13 connectors, Crossfire & SLI ready
    Antec BP550 Plus 550W ATX12V V2.2 Modular Power Supply

    Would it make a difference on performance??
    * Take also in consideration that I am saving $35.
  8. antec PSU would be better. Don't go with no name companies.
  9. Go with the antec psu they are more reliable
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