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Hi all,

my old GeForce 8800GTX 768MB video card died last month, I want to buy a new one but don't want to pay a lot, I would like one more or just as powerful as my 8800GTX but at least 1GB of video RAM, I don't want to replace the power supply so a one that takes the same power (550 Watts PSU).

My specs are:

Asus P5N32E-SLI
Intel Q6600 2.4Ghz
4GB OCZ Special Ops 800Mhz
Asus Geforce 8800GTX 768MB (DEAD)
2x 500GB Seagate HDD SATA
1x 120GB Seagate HDD SATA
Creative Labs X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion
DVD Writer
550 Watts PSU
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Any suggestions as to what I should get would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. HD5770. $150, more than 25% better than the 8800GTX, easily run on your PSU.
  2. How much is "alot"? I'm not sure how a 5770 stacks up, but I love mine. But I came from a pair of 7800 gt's though so of course it'd be a noticeable difference. I'd have to recommend a 5770. They go for about $140-$170 on newegg I believe.
  3. I would rather stick with Nvidia cards since I always have, also my system is geared up for Nvidia not ATI.

    I would say no more than £100 (I'm in the UK)
  4. For Nvidia and that budget what you want is the GTS 250. It will be a slight upgrade on your old card and it comes in 1gb versions.
  5. yeah, if you want to stay with nvidia then gts 250 is a good choice...
  6. Thanks everyone,

    I've been looking at the Sapphire HD5770 on amazon and it seems very cheep at £132. If I did go with ATI because I have a Nvidia 680i SLI Chipset, would that hinder performance, I have heard that Nvidia chipsets don't work as they should with an ATI Video Card.
  7. The HD5770 would be a good choice. The only issue with your motherboard will be that it is SLI, not crossfire, so you wont be able to use 2 HD5770s if you may want to some day. Other than that it should be fine.
  8. Thanks,

    I might just get a HD5770, I don't intend to have two cards, I just want my PC up at running so I can play Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age and the like, I'm just concerned that games like Batman: Arkham Asylum and others that use Phys-X may not be happy, also my RAM is SLI ready also, would that be a problem.

    I will be building a new Monster PC in a few years time hopefully with a 6 Core CPU and 2 Geforce 400 series in SLI, but for now this just may be the ticket.
  9. In a few years Fermi will be outdated. In 6 months HD6K should be released.

    You will have no trouble with Batman, you just won't be able to use PhysX. RAM isn't an issue either.
  10. By the way I usually play all my games in 1920x1080 (1080p) games like mass effect 1 & 2, GTA 4, Dragon Age, Batman: Arkham Asylum, The Sims 3, The Settler 6, Burnout Paradise, Mirror's Edge and even Crysis & Crysis: Warhead, will the HD5770 be able to handle this with all features up high, with my specs.

    Well maybe trying ATI for a change might change my mind and in two years I might buy ATI HDxxxx in Crossfire, or whatever maybe out.
  11. The HD5770 won't play Crysis that well on 1920x1080, but it'll max out every other game you listed.
  12. Thanks,

    I have been reading about alot of problems that the HD5770 has with asus motherboards, the 680i chipset and the catalyst drivers, seems like they have to flash the bios or wait for AMD to get drivers out that work, also there seems to be lots of people saying get an ASUS HD5770 if you have an ASUS Motherboard, which I do, but they seem to be more expensive than Sapphire or XFX, any suggestions as to which board Manufacter to go for, or maybe get a GTS260, it would save all the hassle, but I would prefure a GTX270, GTS says to me less features, the GTX has always been the top of the range.

    I just don't know what to do...
  13. You have a SLi board....so better not waste it....get something Green... GTX series are good.... whats your budget?
  14. Flashing the BIOS is for one sapphire HD5770 that uses less stream processor for some reason...everything else should be A-OK.
  15. shadow187 said:
    In a few years Fermi will be outdated. In 6 months HD6K should be released.

    You will have no trouble with Batman, you just won't be able to use PhysX. RAM isn't an issue either.

    Do you really believe the HD6k series will be out in 6 months?
    Cuz i don't believe it at all....
  16. My budget is around £140, I can't get a GTX for that I'm afraid, an ASUS GTX260 is around £179, besides the HD5770 has 1GB of GDDR5's where as the GTX260 only has 896MB GDDR3's, but eather way they both have more than my dead 8800GTX, which I am wanting to replace with something as or more powerful and the same features, to me the GTS series might not because it is a lesser card than the GTX.
  17. The only question I have left is will the HD57700 outperform my 8800GTX and by how much, a little, a lot, about the same, or not at all.

  18. The 8800 GTX is about equal to a 9800 GTX for a reference.
  19. It's also superior in that it is a DX11 card and much more power efficient.
  20. Thanks everyone, that graph is just what the PC Doktor ordered.

    But if I have to Flash my Bios is there any way to do it with out a Flash Memory Stick, I've lost mine somewhere, a Memory stick Duo or SD Card (like the one in my phone), or perhaps on a CD/DVD.
  21. My 1gb 5870 was a fine card, but some difficulty forcing vsync & other driver probs (using anything but defalt settings in cat 10.2 caused much of the graphics not to render) Not sure about 5770 real world performance, not having owned one, but I cant imagine you making much use of dx11 or eyefinity @ that rez unless you prefer low graphic settings &\or framerates (based on my experience w\ 5870 @ the same rez)
  22. Thanks for everyone's advice, I've decided to buy the ASUS GTX 260 it's the same price as the HD5770 @ £150 because I prefer Nvidia and there will be less hassle to get it to work, plug it in, new drivers, Bang, job done...
  23. All though, I have 3 questions:

    Would I have to flash the BIOS for a GTX 260 216.

    Does it matter which 6pin auxilary power plug plugs into the 2 sockets on the card, one is white and one is black, stupid me for not taking much notice when I took out my 8800GTX.

    If I bought 2 GTX 260 216's and SLI'ed them would my 550 Watt PSU be enough or would I need more power.
  24. Your BIOS should be fine, which plug goes where doesn't matter and you would need a new PSU for SLI.
    If you are willing to put things off for a bit you may want to wait on the pricing/benchmarks for the GTX 465 and GTX 460.
  25. Thanks, I am just going to buy a GTX 260 216, I just want to replace my 8800GTX and get my Gaming PC up and running again, using my Mam's PC with a single core Athlon 64 and onboard 7050 PV graphics and not being able to play about half of my 240 games for 2 Months is enough to make me cry...

    Besides she is buying me the card (unemployment sucks) so she can have her PC back, I am hoping to build a more powerful machine after I finish Uni in 2 years time...
  26. Well I bought a EVGA GTS 250 1GB, because I love Nvidia and thats what I am sticking with (and I always have), 10 Year waranty, Low Power, same or slightly more powerful than my 8800GTX.

    Thanks for everyone for the advice, see ya later...
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