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Hello, I was wondering, if I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OEM and it's on a 500gb HDD,if i were to get an SSD as a boot drive could I transfer the OS.
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  1. How much space is taken up on the 500GB hard drive? You could clone the HD and transfer the image to a SSD, but if you have a lot of space taken up on the HD, you would need a large (expensive) SSD
  2. ahhh i just want like a 60-64gb ssd as a boot drive and none at the moment this is future planning but when i build my pc i wont have anough money to get an ssd
  3. When you do upgrade, you should get at least a 128GB SSD for the OS. Other programs and games could be installed on the 500GB HD. A 64GB SSD will fill up quickly with Windows 7 and updates.
  4. well those are a few moneybags i dont have :(
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    There is a better option. OCZ has come out with something they call the Synapse. It is an SSD that acts not as a boot drive, but as a humongous "cache" drive for the boot drive. Essentially, it uses software to borrow some power from the CPU to turn your entire spinning hard disk type storage drive into a gigantic SSD.

    It makes perfect sense, too. While windows, all updates and your favorite programs could easily overwhelm even a 128GB SSD...
    The files actually USED on a regular basis are probably closer to 10 or 20GB, at most. The software keeps track of what files are used and stores copies of those on the SSD cache drive.
    Thus, even a measly 64GB SSD cache drive can give you the performance increase of (for example) a 512GB SSD drive.

    I mention OCZ Synapse, as that's the one I use (windows and many programs boot fully in about 10 seconds!) But I believe Crucial makes their own version of a SSD cache drive, also.
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