What to do with an old lan and driver.

I just installed two new nic cards in my two machines. What do you advise doing with my other lans. The one computer has a dual lan built in to the mobod and the other is a single built in. What is the standard process for the drivers etc? Thanks.
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  1. What do you WANT to do with them is probably the better question. Why did you put new NIC's in if you already had some built in?
  2. They were too slow. The new ones are already giving me 350Mbps more than the others and I have not even tweaked them right yet. They have many options to tweak with and that will help a little more.
  3. Maybe drop them in an old crappy PC and learn iptables?
  4. Huh?
  5. If you have some old NIC's now.. you could put them in an older computer, install linux and learn firewalling from the command line on linux. Kinda build you're own router / firewall from an old PC. It's not terribly exciting, but will teach you a lot that might come in handy if you ever want to be "that IT guy".
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