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I just moved my computer and I plugged it in at the new place and then I switched on the plug on the PSU ( 500w Fortron I belive about 4 years old ) and then it started making a buzzing noise, ok so then I tried turning the computer on but nothing happened. There does not come any lights up on the mobo so my guess is that its not receiving power from the PSU.

So what do u think? Totaled or fixable PSU?.. or something else?
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  1. Try another ps; it's the cheapest part you can buy at the low to mid range. But first open the box and check all connections. One of the ps or sata connectors may be loose. You can also remove the 20 or 24 pin atx connector going to the board, and reset the bios by removing the board battery for one minute while the ps is unplugged, or using the cmos jumper, moving it over one position keeping 2 of 3 pins covered, then returning to the original position.
  2. I opened up the computer and checked if any wires were loose but couldn't find none. I didn't really understand the other stuff you said but doesn't the fact that the psu is buzzing mean that its dead?
  3. You will have to replace some parts to troubleshoot. The ps is cheaper than trying a new board. A test is available for the ps with a simple meter, but I've never used it.
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