Files keep dispearing showing 0 file size

hey i was wondering i seem to be loosing files they come up as zero file size. i do have the disk compressed to save disk space but seems lost alot of files. the files are still there but zero file size. mainly iv noticed only movie files and song files gone so far. why is this happening what can i do
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  1. bump please
  2. I would run Windows scandisk, if you know the manufacturer's hard drive you can go to their website to download diagnostic tools.
  3. Perhaps the is only because those lost files are too large, don't know if you want to save those files, here is a link, it may help you recover lost files without a penny:
  4. ok thanks i ran diagnostic tools and such could'nt find anything but i dont want this to keep happening either never know what might get lost with TB of data
  5. If you want to preserve your data, copy the data to another hard drive.
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