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Ok I have a few questions. A Few days ago my computer blue screened with an error about nvlddmkm.sys. I looked it up and tried a few fixes. I updated the drivers for my NVDIVA 9800GT and I still had the problem. I then started to roll back the drivers as far back as I could and I still have the problem.
Here are some pics of my screen. It's so bad that I can't even get into normal windows. I think my card is going bad. I have an EVGA 780i mobo.

My questions are:
1. Do you agree that my card is going bad an I need a new one?
2. I was thinking of buying an ATI card. Will an ATI card work with my mobo?
3. I would like to have a card better then my 9800GT, but with the ATI chipset. I have found two that I think are better then it. But I don't know alot about ATI cards. So the question here is are the cards I pick better then my 9800GT?
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  1. If your ram is 667mhz, enter the BIOS and if the mhz of the memory is displaying less than that, change to its original 667(even if at auto stays at less) same thing with 800mhz, but with the max at 667mhz to put on BIOS.

    This has worked for some ppl, but dunno about those artifacts.
  2. Looks like the GPU has gone bad to me.
  3. This is typical of draw errors, the vram is bad. I would go ahead and purchase a new card. There is no issue with your board.
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