What is difference between LGA Processors and dual core ?
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  1. Hello Nishantha;
    They're different things. LGA = land grid array = refers to how the processor die is attached to the substrate material and a bit about the socket type the CPU plugs into. It's about the CPU package.

    It has nothing to do with the actual number of CPU cores.
  2. 'Dual' Core represents the number of processing cores in a CPU. A dual core can process 2 calculations at once, where as a single can only process 1.
  3. To give you a better idea here is a C2D mobile CPU attached to the green substrate material.
    On the under side is the grid array - a PGA 478 in this case. PGA for pin grid array with 478 pins.

  4. as WR2 mentioned above the LGA reffers to the processor socket number 1136 - 1156 - 775
    not the X58 or x48 this is the socket model
    the dual core like pentuim 4 CPU is LGA 775 so there is no diffrence its like asking about the car and the engine so do you got it
    good luck
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