Fatal Problems with Microsoft Windows 7 OEM 64-Bit!

Hi, I just finished building my new computer. In order to get the system started I have to press and hold the MEM OK! button on my motherboard everytime, power button does nothing. After startup my screen shows that the system succeeds in booting and says press F1 to continue. So after pressing F1 it goes into a screen that says windows did not shut down successfully please choose an option below and it shows 4 options including safe modes and Start Windows Normally. I've tried every option avalible and after it says Setup is loading files it shows me a box that says "The computer restarted unexpectantly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click "OK" to restard the computer, and then restard the installation." So after clicking ok a message says system will continue setup after restarting and then black screens...I can't access my hard drive to wipe it and start fresh what do i do?
Thanks in advance...
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  2. Make sure that your power button is moving freely and that it is not trying to shut the PC off as it is trying to boot.
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