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I have a e5200 @ 2.93ghz.
In games like SC2 and Mafia 2 or even GTA 4 it is starting to show weakness. I want to upgrade it to a LGA 775 cpu. All the quad cores are really expensive beacasue its LGA 775. So should i look at the e8400 or what could you recommend?
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  1. no just go on ebay if your not changing the entire setup ebay a Q9xxx or bare minimum Q6xxxx

    Maybe look at a better graphics card instead and just overclock some more and hold out for a new system all together keep the graphics card for your next build.
  2. For example. Games like Mafia 2 and Starcraft 2. My 3870 is good enough. What causes slight lag is the CPU.
  3. what resolution ?
    like I mentioned overclock a bit more won't help much in GTA
    but the others will likely see a good increase.
    I see a huge jumps all the way up to 3.6ghz with my e5300
    mind you I have a 5770 1GB and play @ 1080P
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