SSD boots quicker without HDD

Recently I got a intel 520 120 gb ssd. I installed it in the sata III port, and moved my 1tb 7200 to the sata II port. I noticed recently that when the hdd is disconnected my computer boots and runs faster. Is their anything I could do about this?

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  1. I am not necessarily sure as to why its running faster, but in regards to booting faster, the system is most likely taking the extra time to detect and spin-up the drive.
  2. I see, is their still anything I could do to help with the slower booting?
  3. Question I have is what sort of board are you using? are you using an AMD or intel CPU ?

    If you are using an intel CPU I suggest that you install the SSD onto the sata III port using the Intel chipset, and if possible use the second sataIII port for the hard disk, I seem to recall that some sataIII chips on some boards cause issues when using an boot SSD on them.
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