760G chipset w ATI HD3000 Graphics integrated ok for hulu boxee?

Hi all,
Microcenter had a sale today and i picked up a Athlon II x2 250 and got a Biostar A780L (760G chipset) with ATI Radeon™ HD3000 Graphics integrated.

The plan is to make a real cheap htpc for an old TV in our bedroom. My Q is will that motherboard/intergrated graphics be good enough?
We play to run boxee and hulu on it, will there be any issues? I saw this forum about flash and old 3xxx series graphics having an issue.

Anyway, good buy for the purpose or should i take it back and get another mobo?
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    Yes. The 760G should be fine for HTPC use. That issue should have been fixed in Cat 10.6.
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