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5.1 channel HDMI

I currently run a Gigabyte GTX 260 (GV N26OC-896I) and an Asus P7P55D-e Pro.
I am using the on board audio driver (VIA) and have a S/PDIF cable going from my motherboard to my graphics card.
I have a HDMI cable going from my graphics card to my amp, which has audio/video pass through for HDMI.
I can get 2.1 channel, but not 5.1 channel.
Has anybody got any solutions?
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  1. Hardware & Sound panel.

    Configure device to 7.1 (and un-check surround rears). I think the 5.1 option is bugged.
  2. Where do I find the hardware and sound panel?
    I open the VIA HD Audio Deck, and there's no option for 5.1 or 7.1 under digital out.
    The same under Windows 7 playback settings.
    I go to the device that the audio is coming out of, and I only have a 2 channel choice, no 5.1 or 7.1.
  3. If you have trouble finding stuff in Windows 7, hit the Windows button and type in the text box at the bottom ("Search programs and files"). Type in "sound" and one of the options on the menu will be Control Panel: Sound.
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    Sorry, I thought your video card was the 460. The 260 only supports 2.1 audio.
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