Cant decide between two processors

My specs

HAF 932
4gb ddr3 1600 ram
Coolermaster silent pro 600w modular psu
Western digital 500gb 7200rpm caviar black hdd
ati radean 5850

Core i5 750
MSI p55-g65


Phenom 2 x4 955 and MSI 890fx mobo combo

I just cant decide between the two! (sorry guys i sure you get this all the time about these two)

Im going to be mostly playing games like bad company 2 and crysis 1 (and 2) and also doing school work.

I would also take recomendations from people for spu and motherboard but cant go above 330.
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  1. Oh ya also i probably wont crossfire, but would like to leave that open as an option later.
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    I would go AMD. When bulldozer comes out you can upgrade. Plus the intel is 360 bucks. Amd is 300. You could spend the extra money on a cooler and OC. Its BE so you can overclock easily with aftermarket cooler. Good Luck!!!
  3. Does that motherboard have a specific feature that you want to use that the Asus P7P55D-E Pro doesn't have? I ask as it comes in a combo with the i5-750, which puts it at a very similiar price to the AMD option: And in that instance it would definitely be worth the extra ~$15 (without taking the other rebate) aslong as you don't mind that LGA 1156 will be EOL next year.

    P.S. I wouldm't recommend that PSU for crossfiring 5850s anyway due to a lack of power.
  4. I already have a hyper 212 plus and seem to be leaning more to the phenom 2 x4 for the future.
  5. I have a 955BE (rev c3 core) that I have OC'd to 3.75ghz on weak water cooling.
    1.47 Vcore
    250 FSB
    15.5 multiplier
    corsair 5-5-5-10
    Ram 1000 (500 DDR2)

    I say weak water cooling because a radiator is all that cools it, the radiator is outside and it's 111F (44c) outside, without trying to "cool" my cpu lol.

    Idle at around 43c at night when outside ambient temp is 33c. Much better temps in winter than summer.
  6. do you think I can hit 4ghz with the 212 plus?
  7. I've been unable to get mine past 3.8 reliably. i think my mobo is limiting my speed because i hit the same 250 fsb limit with my 720be.

    I would say it is possible, but will require additional voltage, proper ram, and a good oc mb.

    and my multiplier is 15, not 15.5 as i indicated above.

    my ram also runs at 2.2v which is way out of spec, but hey 5-5-5-10 @ 500MHZ im not complaining

    make sure you can manually set the NB multiplier on the mobo's bios. i cant and i think that is what my issue is.

    on EQ2/The Bazzar server
    guild "Down the Rabbit Hole"
  8. Ok i made my choice on amd thanks everyone
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