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i installed os on my first drive which has the OS x64-bit. and its 250 GB. its about the run out so i decided to buy anther internal hard drive 500 GB sata 3(yes my motherboard has that Slot). now it shows up as local disk D: it just didn't add more space on local C:. do i have to install windows again on that disk? or do i have to do something to allow me to install more programs,etc. Thanks in advance
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  1. When you install programs they ask where to install, and you can select the D drive. A different solution might be to keep applications on the OS drive, and move your data to the new drive.
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    I would vote with the above user about pushing your personal files to the other drive.
    Those tend to take a lot of space.

    Now if that is not enough, you can actually move large programs(not ones that are a part of windows) to the other drive and create a junction to those old locations.

    This in effect, makes windows see the programs as still on c : (this makes it so you do no need to install it over again) while they are in fact on d:.

    The potential problem would be if the program has special NTFS security requirements(I have no seem many that do, but it can happen).

    If a file does, robocopy /copyall would allow a direct copy with all permissions in tact. (Command Line)
    Or (GIU, but a bit strange. it says its done, but is still doing its thing. I recommend you make a script to run instead) (Command Line)
    Or (GIU, please use with care.)

    Option 3 :)

    Clone the old drive to the new one. It may be a faster drive. then use the old drive for files.
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  4. What option are you going to do? Image or move large programs and personal files?
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