Overclock question regarding GTX470. PSU related.

Got the EVGA GTX 470. With the fan at 100% I'm seeing 60celsius. I used to get 55celsius on my old GTX260.

With the fan on Auto I get temperatures up to 89celsius. Still not too bad because I was used to seeing 100c + when using a 4870.

How much room do I have to overclock with my current psu? I have a thermaltake 600 purepower psu. It has two 12 rails with 19amps on each. The GTX 470 says I need a minimum of 38amps. do I have room to oc this?
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  1. Well those GTX 400 chips do run pretty hot. In terms of PSU power, I don't see you running into any issues.
  2. If you are continue run the fan at 100% constantly then you can shortened the card lifespan...
    GTX 470 is a fast card, i think it's okay to leave the card at stock speed...
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