Is this a power supply issue?

there is no power coming into the system board. Not even the hard drives will spin up. No LED on the system board.

Is this a PSU issue?
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  1. Could be. Could be assembly error, too. Or a number of other things.

    Find the sticky post, go through its steps, report back if you don't find the problem, include your system spec if you do.
  2. I didn't find that sticky, but I did find another website.... and followed these steps

    I made sure that everything was cabled correctly, a third time and that there were no errant cables or parts in the system. I disconnected all external devices and all internal devices except for the CPU and HSF.

    The relevant parts are a i7 930, ASUS P6X58D, an ultra extreme HSF, a sapphire 5770, seagate drive, and generic CD/DVD.

    So as far as I can tell it is either the CPU, PSU, or mobo. However if it were the CPU or MOBO wouldn't the fans come on and the disks spin up along with a non-boot?

    Thank you.
    The PS was cabled to the mobo, the video card was out and the drives were unpowered and the sata cables were removed. I even tried it with just the cpu w/o HSF.
  3. "I even tried it with just the cpu w/o HSF. " Good thing it can't run that way anyhow lol.

    Anyhow, here's the sticky:

    You want item #3, Troubleshooting. Sorry to keep sending you back there, but most of the time the issue is resolved that way. We have no way of eliminating assembly error without you going back through it as the sticky outlines.

    If not an assembly error, the most likely issues are psu (no power, including switch off, plug out, case's power switch doesn't work - try a screwdriver across the two pins on the mobo), mobo (not asking psu to start, etc), cpu (dead cpu = nothing, but rare, unless you mistreated it) in that order. If not an assembly issue or a case problem, then you would try (eg, borrow or swap) another psu to narrow things down.
  4. This is a great link and thank you for forwarding it.

    I have tried most of the items already, and certainly will try more if.......

    what I thing I am wondering about is that this article refers a lot to 'posting'

    I am not even getting that far. There appears to be absolutely no power coming from the PSU. There is a red LED on the system board that used to light up when the switch was turned on on the PSU (not case switch) and this no longer illuminates.

    If I am not getting any power at all to the mobo, e.g., fans are not turning on, drives are not spinning up, LEDs not coming on, does it still make sense to breadboard? It seems that is more for posting, I'd love at this point to have a posting problem (I think) but then again the PSU is the least expensive component in there.

    So what do you think? No apparent power to any fan, drive, or LED. Is it still worth while to pull the mobo? Would a short on the mobo prevent the drives from spinning up when they are power cabled but not data cabled?

    Thank you so very much!
  5. I mentioned earlier that changed out the HSF before this started happening. In my experience, if I damaged the CPU, there would be nothing on power up, no beeps, no video, but the drives and fans would start. Is this accurate?
  6. Okay, new sympton here.....

    I pulled the four bin EATX12V plug of (the mobo had four of 8 pins capped so I used the 4 pin connector) and installed the 8 pin connector. Plugged it back in and turned it on and the RED mobo power LED briefly flashed once. So something somewhere is happening.

    Also I pulled the HSF off and cleaned up the processor and it looks fine, not physically damaged.

    A brief red light flash of the power LED? Maybe there is someting on ASUS website, cause there is nothing in the manual
  7. I went through the whole sticky, including breadboarding the whole thing.

    The only thing I could find was that perhaps the CPU wasn't seated well.

    Put everything back together and still now power, but I am getting the blinking red LED

    Sooooo..... PSU?
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