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I have a Lacie external hard drive. It has never given me any problems but right now the light is flashing red/orange and it will not recognise the USB....I am desperate as I am worried that ALL my data is lost....cant get in touch with LACIE until tomorrow...any help would be appreciated.
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  1. What I am about to suggest would take as long as just waiting for customer service and would void the warranty.

    1) Download a bootable recovery disk. Two good examples would be:
    Redo Backup and Recovery (Free) @
    easeus @Active Partition Recovery (Paid) @

    2) Burn the ISO image to disk. If you are unfamiliar with this process, ImgBurn is a great tool for making bootable CDs & DVDs from image files. ImgBurn can be downloaded @

    3) Remove the hard drive from it's external storage case and unplug the USB adapter.

    4) Open your computer and plug it into one of the open slots. If you want to recover the files to your computer's hard drive, you will need another SATA cable. If you have another networked computer available you can unplug the computer's hard drive and temporarily plug in the bad drive to use Redo Backup & Recovery to recover the files to a networked computer.

    5) Boot the computer using the bootable recovery disk you just burned.
    (You may need to configure BIOS Setup to check for bootable CDs first. When you first power on the computer it should give you a hint what button to press to enter setup. it varies, sometimes "F10", sometimes "Del", sometimes "F2" or "F12". If you need further help with BIOS boot settings, visit the computer manufacturer's website under the support section and download your system manual.)

    6) Recover the data to another hard drive, another networked computer, or if the data is easily accessible under Redo; Burn the data to disk.
  2. There I no clicking sound. I've tried connecting to another computer but it doesn't recognize the drive. I've now sent it to data recovery as need those files! I m not a techie so wouldn't try this but thank you anyway!
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