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hey i got ati 5850. when ever i paly games these thing like blood it like lines of green and pink i have no idea wtf is going on only happen to day. please help
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  1. 1>try updating the graphic card drivers from ati radeon website.......
    2>remove and place the ram properly or place the ram in another slot
    3>try defaulting the game settings and check it out.....
  2. Did you make sure to completely remove the drivers of the previous card if you had one? Otherwise play some other games and see if similar effects show.
  3. Does this happen in other games though?
  4. yes
  5. Strange. Have you overclocked the card at all?
  6. before never overheated and it was only little bit. i turn off all over clocking. uninstall all of it then reboot and the install the reboot try still there. i have no idea.
  7. Did it work normally before and then all of a sudden you get artifacts? If it worked properly before, maybe roll back the drivers to a previous version and see if it fixes it.
  8. no i didn't i switch from 10.1 to 10.4 and yet it didn't work
  9. artifacts like that are usually from overheating, get a can of compressed air and try cleaning out your 5850, make sure your case has good air flow. Also you might want to turn up your fan speed on your video card using your ATI software. And what is your cards temp when your running games and run into this problem?
  10. ok trying now
  11. nope it start when i start game mission :S
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    What is your cards running temp when running games?? Still haven't stated what temp its running at. Use your ATI Over Drive and check the running temp while your in game. And also check your idle temp. Should look something like this. Try turning your fan speed up to around 70% and see if that makes a difference while gaming. If not you might want to contact tech support for your card and get a replacement.

    Uploaded with
  13. Kilo give some system specs (graphics, OS etc.). It may have something to do with compatibility issues. What games have you tried running?
  14. Artifacts arive when you set ATi OverDrive Slider in unbalanced positions(not properly tuned).... try with disabling OverDrive....and setting the card to factory default....
  15. @meodowla

    that's right..
  16. there something wrong with card and now it getting fix :S i tell you if i get fixed thanks guys
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