First time build n00b needs help!

Hi guys,

Recently completed my first build, system is up and running without a hitch so really pleased. But i need some help with optimising RAM for performance. Here is my CPU-z

I'm running patriot 1600MHz DDR3, but in my BIOS it says that it's target is 1066MHz. So am i running sub-optimum? I really don't understand the FSB stuff either, i.e. linked or unlinked. I can't say i'm keen to learn it either, i just want to harness the full power of my RAM.

Also, on my MOBO (ASUS M4A87TD-EVO), i've put the 2x RAM modules into the two closest slots to the CPU, one slot was black and one slot was blue, and that leaves one more blue and black slots each. Have i put the RAM into the right slots? i.e. dual-channel? Or should i match them up colour wise. Pic below...

Help please guys?! Would really appreciate it!
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  1. the pictures in your post do not work.

    What CPU do you have?
  2. Pic A -

    Pic B -

    Those links should work.

    Have got AMD x4 965 BE. Just noticed on the CPU-z mem tab it says channel single... but the MOBO manual says that the two left channels are A1 and A2, and the two right channels are B1 and B2. Confusing!

    The more i read, the more i think i need to switch my RAM stick which is in black over into blue so that both sticks are in blue slots.
  3. This is also a screen grab from the downloaded MOBO manual regarding the memory channels.

    I have my two RAM modules in the two left slots.
  4. The RAM does say its tested for the Intel P55 chipset. This should be irrelevant, but it could be a reason why its not working properly. Have you tried setting the RAM speed manually? If it doesn't work at 1600mhz try 1333mhz. Try playing with different ram slots as well. If all else fails, you'll be running at 1066mhz, which really isn't that bad. But I'm pretty sure you'll be able to get up some more if you just try some different things out.
  5. The RAM should be fine with AMD so i don't think that it was test on intel is a problem. I haven't tried to change the target speed to 1600MHz manually for fear of making the system unstable... i'm pretty noob and rather chuffed that the PC works right now so don't want to upset it! I wasn't sure if it'd be ok to change it manually due to the FSB ratio?
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