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I just built my buddy a little micro ATX computer to get him started in PC gaming community PC SPECS: Case NZXT Vulcan, MOBO ASUS M4A785-M AM3/AM2+/AM2, GPU ASUS Radeon 4870, RAM 4GB DDR2 Patriot Extreme, CPU AMD Phenom II X4 2.9Ghz (stock) Power 500W PSU and windows 7 32bit. I've built 3 computers now for friends and have not had 1 serious problem but when I was finished carefully and professionally constructing his I hit the power button it turned on the fans were spinning the light on the mobo turned on showing power the GPU initial red light flashed showing it wasn't fried and then I get this cold blank black screen and it doesn't post anything. I turned it off and checked and double checked everything to make sure all was connected properly and it was all good I moved the ram and plugged it into the first two slots, I made sure the heatsink was on good, I even plugged the HDMI into the mobo in case it was the GPU, I reseted the CMOS and tried again and it still wouldn't post! I had actually made him send back his earlier mobo and get a refund when that board would post the start up screen, i couldn't get into the BIOs or install the OS it would just stay in post and I couldnt figure it out :pfff: . Maybe its not the mobo I don't know and im about to give up and bring it into this computer store im sure will charge him an arm and a leg to fix. Please HELP! and let me know a few tricks to see what the problem is or get it going hes losing faith in me and is about to buy call of duty black ops for 360 :non: .
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  1. Hello GoodDay2USir;

    Run through the THG "System won't boot" checklist and see if that won't help you out.
  2. GoodDay2USi, you say you are using DD2, so I assume you have placed a AM3 CPU on an AM2/2+ mobo.... chances are that your BIOS will need to be updated to it's latest revision to recognise the CPU. Even then you could be limited by the CPU's voltage rquirement, but at least it should run. Best and least expensive sol'n maybe to purchase a used AM2 Sempron, should be really cheap, then upgrade the BIOS using that and then try the new CPU again...
  3. Heres an idea. dont build PCs for other people if you dont know how to trouble shoot them.

    But I agree with WR2 most likely the bios needs an update for the CPU you chose. I ran into the exact same issue, and had the exact same symptoms a few weeks ago.

    I dont see any phenom ll 2 x4 2.9s, you better use the list and search by model number to see if you need a bios update or not.
  4. ..well we all started somewhere... I say my hat off to him for having a go...the worst that can happen is that he buys an older AM2 CPU or swaps for one with thw AM3 he has...can't really loose... in fact if he wants to think about that option I have a perfectly good AM 6000+ i was about to sell on ebay..I'd have no problem with a swap and that CPU is a brilliant gamer at any rate....
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