Need help with my AT&T DSL and Linksys Router

Hey everyone, My mom bought us AT&T DSL Internet a few days ago, and it wont seem to work my our current Linksys router. We have a Westell At&T Router and a Etherfast BEFSR41 Ver.4 router. I hook everything up properly, and the lights on the router read POWER: on, ETHERNET: the 1st LED is lit, thats what my computer is plugged into. and INTERNET: on

So everything says its on, but i try and connect to Internet explorer on my Windows PC. (With Windows Vista). I try and bring up Internet explorer and it says it Cannot connect. The little computer thing in the bottom right hand of my screen, that shows current connection status, is lit up..but it has no globe next to it. I hover my mouse over it and it says access:Local Only.

So i dont know what to do. Any help will be appreciated, as At&T says they will charge me money if they tell me how to set it up.
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