890FXA-GD70 help or replacement suggestions

Ok, I bought this thing a month ago

890FXA-GD70 Motherboard
Phenom II 1090T 6 core CPU
2 4GB Ripjaws 1333 RAM
2 Radeon HD6850 GPUs
Corsair 850W PSU

It's taken me some time to work my way around to getting it fully functional, and it's gotten around to my favorite part of the building, installing updates/drivers. This is where I've had to involve tech support from virtually every company involved, to no avail. Every time it installs updates or drivers it hangs at the Windows splash screen just before asking for the password. As long as I don't try installing Windows updates or the video drivers, it functions just fine.

ATI's tech support told me to go back to an older OS, MSI suggested a lot of things before running out of ideas, and Microsoft tech support had a couple ideas, but I can't seem to reply to their emails :heink:

I even took the bloody thing to Best Buy who, while mostly useless, were able to test the hardware to ensure it was all good in its component parts...

I've been fighting this motherboard for a week straight now, and I don't know what else to do with it. If anyone has suggestions, I'll be happy to hear them. Even happier if you can point out a relatively cheap replacement, as I've sunk all the money I can spare into this computer. It was supposed to be a birthday present to myself.
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  1. The first thing I would try is upping my ram voltage. It is probably set at 1.5 volts but I was looking at a similar issue with Kingston ram on 890GX board the other day and Kingston recommended upping the voltage on their 1.65V ram to "1.7v - 1.95v voltage range for dual-channel applications for AMD based systems and Intel chipsets older than X58"
    Try taking it up 0.05 to 0.1 volt to start with.
  2. It truly is a great board, sorry you got a bad one it seems like.
  3. Thanks, I'll take a swing at that tomorrow. At this point, I don't care if I look like an idiot as long as something works.
  4. Ok, It's officially a problem between my motherboard and GPUs. I established this with a second operating system installed and the moment I install the video drivers it crashes just like it did with Windows 7.

    So now I'm looking for a motherboard that'll support my HD 6850s or a pair of GPUs that this motherboard can handle. Talked face to face with another tech today who felt so bad he didn't even charge me the diagnostic fee. :p
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