Can sata 1 run full hd with motion blur effect?

hi all, my wd sata 2 drive was on service, thus i used back my 5 yr ago hdd as pri drive now, i believe it is a sata 1.

but when i play back some hd videos, it dont have the motion blur effect though the video run smoothly and i also feel that the video is somehow not that clear compare to last time with sata 2.

anyone have that experience also?

by the way, is there sata 1, 2 or 3 cables also?

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  1. Most SATA cables are the same, there exist some low quality ones that can not handle higher speeds but but the connectors are all the same and compatible.
  2. Motion blur is generally an effect that is added by a TV. The source material should have no effect on this.
  3. from what i experience, motion blur is not just on the TV side.

    Its deal with the quality of video, GPU, the output rate of the drive , ram etc
  4. Correction here : the old hdd was sata 2 with only 8mb cache while my newer one was 16mb cache
  5. It would not be a HDD issue but could be a playback device (card) or software player.
  6. SATA 1 specification speeds were 1.5 Gpbs (theoretically you could get up to 150 MB/sec of bandwidth a little less with packet overhead.) Your hard drive attached to your SATA 1 is the slower component... even at the slowest of transfer rates of SATA 1 drives (around 20-25 MB/sec), your drive should be able to keep up with an HD stream. I find that Windows causes even Standard def video to stutter on my Dell XPS 15x (Core i5/6 GB ram/Hybrid drive) yet my 5 year old iMac plays video without a hitch (even HD video), I've concluded it's a difference in how Windows manages memory (Macs manage memory in a traditional Unix way and yes I'm a Unix biggot.... notice I didn't say Linux biggot.)


  7. there is no stuttering through the video, and the video is clear, smooth and sharp.

    Thats why i dont know what happen.....sigh
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