Only one Graphics Card starts after S3 sleep mode

This is weird. When I power on from a shutdown or restart, both graphics cards are working fine. But when the computer goes into sleep mode, only the primary graphics card is working after I resume. Both fans are spinning, but when I go to ATI Overdrive and look at the temperatures, only the primary is showing.

Both temperatures show when the computer is turned on after shutdown or reboot.

I changed enableulps from 1 to 0 in system reg to get the second temp to show in Crossfire.

Also, I know it's not working because when I go to play a game, any game, it always crashes and says display driver recovered from error or something to that nature.


2 XFX 5770
2 500GB HDD
Foxconn ELA mobo
OCZ 600W Modxstream
4GB DDR2 800
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  1. Don't know how or why that happens, hopefully someone do...but I do know, that the sleep mode of vista destroyed my psu long time ago ^^.

    When put to sleep and attempt to wake, the graphic card didn't respond, also it's fan started at 100% until hard power off. After the sleep thing happened 2 more times, the PC didn't cold boot anymore:S(just saying, weird things happen with sleep modes)
  2. I meant to say I'm running Win 7 x64

    Weird things do happen with sleep mode for me as well. Before I got the second 5770. Sometimes it wouldn't turn on after it was in sleep, when I went to wake it, the computer would do power cycles(fans come on, then go off) It would do that until I flip the switch on the PSU. I'm thinking of not using S3 anymore.
  3. If you can, live without sleep mode, as I hardly believe someone with the knowledge will come and enlighten us...
  4. Yea, it sucks no one knows the answer to this.
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