Support; Model Shader 2 ? Help please.

So guys I recently downloaded a game named Kingdom Heroes from Aeria Games & Entertainment. I was almost certain I'd be able to run said game. However when I started up Kingdom Heroes it said...

"Graphics Card not supported Model Shader 2."

I did a little research however unfortunately didn't find much out as most of what I read went over my head, not being tech savvy and all. I was curious if anybody here could point me in the right direction?

I believe this is what information is needed? If not please let me know and I will see what I can do.
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  1. Your graphic card support's shader 2.0 vertex/pixel. You may want to update drivers through:

    Choose your operating system etc..

    Either way, the graphic card you own is very poor for games, you may want to upgrade it.
  2. Ok, odd :/ I have fully updated my drivers or so I believe I have. Yet I am still getting the same
    "Graphics Card not supported Model Shader 2." error.

    Am I just missing something?

    P.S Thanks to the two who posted above me.
  3. its an incorrect error message but an accurate error (if that makes sense)

    the game needs "GeForce 6200 (or equivalent)"

    your integrated chip falls below it and so the game defaults to that error message
  4. So in other words I wont be able to play said game unless I buy a new up to date graphics card?

    hmm, well again thanks for the response.

    Last question XD Any suggestions on which card(s) would be more suitable for myself?
  5. Depends on what monitor you have, and what games do you expect to play in the future.

    If you are only interested in playing at that mmorpg, the cards Timop recommended are a great choice.

    A bit more info on your system will help us in helping you.

    If on the other hand, you plan on playing newset games, I'm afraid that you will need more than just a graphic card upgrade, as you will need a motherboard with support for pcie etc
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