HD 4350 on 250W PSU W/10 amps on 12 v?

Will my Astec SA202-3556 250 Watt powersupply be able to handle a HD 4350 AGP version? I know it has something pathetic like 10 amps on the +12V rail but i need to change my GPU! I got a GeForce 6200 and a Pentium 4 2.00 GHz and i get 25-35 FPS in cod4 with yitch3 but will the 4350 give me a small FPS boost? Because the 4350 is over the requirements for COD4 wich are GeForce 6800 and up and X800 or something and up :(
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  1. No. You won't be able to play COD4 even with a HD4350. BTW it is slower than a Geforce 6800.

    No matter what gfx card you run with that rig, it won't play COD4 as your CPU is not enough for running that game :(

    Sorry mate, you're outta luck... You need to get a new rig...
  2. Comeon its just a matter of 5-10 FPS and then im at a playable 35-50 FPS...z Will overclocking help?
  3. Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz wasn't a very overclockable processor.. I also tried that game with a geforce 6200 and it wasn't playable...

    Actually OCing might put your rig to risk as the highest your PSU can provide is 10Amps only :(
  4. pick up a cheap dualcore + mobo + ram, buy the 6800 ultra i have posted in the forums classified section, get a 500w psu like the antec basiq power 500, and then play the game and be blown away at how well it works!
  5. Yes that sounds good but there is a guy in my neighborhood selling a Celeron D 2,93 GHz socket 478... I think its so cool with new games on old CPUs so id prefer a Pentiujm or Celeron and i already have two other computers for gaming but would 0.93 GHz give me a performance boost?
  6. well if u have a 2.0 your 478 mobo may not support a 533 fsb 2.93 celeron d
  7. Yes, it has a 533 FBS and supports socket 478 CPU's. The MoBo is a Gigabyte GA-8STXC
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