Bought Memory, did they ship wrong kind?

I posted before here about which kind of memory to buy and received great advice.

Now that I've received it from new egg and went to install it, I notice that it's significantly smaller (height wise) than the RAM that's already in my computer. Here's a pic of the new stuff.

Is the height going to be a problem? I've installed new RAM before, but it's always looked exactly the same.

Thanks everyone!
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    If the type is correct PC 4200 DDR2 533 MHz then the height does not matter!
  2. Thanks rolli, I installed it, but the screen seems to flicker and then fill with weird characters when I turn it on. When it restarts, it seems to be fine if I start to Last Known Good Config. It does it again when I restart. Any idea what's going on?
  3. If the only change was the ram then resetting BIOS to defaults could be a solution. (easy way is to remove the motherboard battery for a few seconds)
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