Display problem with Blue screen and spot patches.

I hav purchased samsung laptop 1 year ago.Whenever there is a virus attack there is a complete display problem on my screen.
Even during the startup i get Blue screen with millions of spots.It had happend twice earlier and in both case after removing the virus the proble got resolve.It had happend again and i had tried everything but the problem still exists.I dnt knw what to do.Please do help...
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Please post your full system specs
  2. It seems like not the virus...
    Agree with Maziar, tell us your full system specs.

    Maybe you might want to recover your laptop to the date before the problem exist...
  3. well..!!! whenever i plug in my monitor cable to the nvidia hardware and run the system..!!! sometimes i get spots on my monitor and rarely result in getting the blue screen..!!! but when plugged in to my normal graphics slot the display is just fine..!!! my nvidia graphics card temperature ranges from 76-80.! and it won't reduce.!! please help me with this...!
    all i know is that there is a problem with my graphics card.!!! i even updated my nvidia driver..!!!
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