Power Consumption of a New Computer?

Hello Guys! First of all, sorry for the bad english. My Problem is that I'm going to build this System:

AMD Athlon II X4 635 2.9 GHz
Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 1 GB
2 Sticks of DDR2 1066 MHz
1 Sata Hard Drive 1TB 7200 RPM
4 Led Fan Coolers
The Corsair CWCH50-1 Hydro H50 CPU Liquid Cooler
a 500 Watt Power Supply (OCZ)

So My Question Is, How many Watts will this System consume on Load??? on Idle???

I Found some reviews of the Athlon and the GTS 250 of Power Consumption, the Athlon said 211 Watts (4 cores on load) and the GTS 236 Watts on Load, but they did not say if those 211 Watts of the Athlon were only of the processor or of the whole system, the same for the Geforce GTS 250, they said 236 Watts on load, but I don't know if those are only the consumption of the card or the Whole system.

Can You Help me Guys???? Because I want to calculate the amount of Money that I have to spend monthly for having this baby with me xD

Thank You!!!!! :D
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  1. i would say about 400W from the wall under full load and about 300 from the PSU. At idle you are probably at about 50-90W depending on power saving features in various components. Plug your specs into the PSU calculator to get a more accurate idea of what your system draws from the PSU.
  2. Using jsc's SWAG (Scientific Wild Assed Guess) power calculator:

    CPU: 8 amps = 96 watts
    GPU: 5 - 12 amps = 60 - 144 watts
    RAM: 6 amps @ 3.3 volts = 20 watts
    Motherboard : 30 watts
    Drives: 30 watts
    Fans: 10 - 15 watts
    Water cooler - no idea but surely cannot be more than 30 watts.

    I get about 280 - 360 watts out of the PSU. Figuring 80% efficiency, thats 350 - 450 watts. And I'm probably a little high.

    You can always get (buy or borrow) a Kill-a-Watt meter and actually measure.
  3. Thank You Very Much Guys!!! :D
  4. Let's just assume that if your setup takes a minimum of 400W running on 500W PSU, that means your PSU is going to be under load 80% of the time. I learned that purchasing higher end PSU's will help in the long run, because power supplies (newer specific ones) put out only as much as the computer needs.

    What I'm trying to say is, purchase a PSU that has more to offer, this way you won't end up replacing several units when you can have one, very good & reliable power supply unit to power all the PC components with no issues. Besides, companies like Corsair have a 3-year warranty, you can't go wrong!
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