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okay so, i have a simple question that i havent yet found a definitive answer to. I have 4gb (2x2gb) of corsair xms3 ram:
and i am looking at getting 4gb more, which a friend is offering to sell me, but it is gskill:
so, ignore price/ reliability/ whatever else BETWEEN the two products. thats not the question. the question is can both pairs be used in the same motherboard without issue? (same clock/timings) as long as the corsair are dual-channeled with corsair, and the gskill are channeled with the gskill? does it matter between pairs? and if it runs, is there any decline in performance? i want a solid, backed answer please. thanks in advance
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  1. Using those together would not be recommended, they might work together but their voltage rating is different Corsair 1.65V the G-skill 1.5volts looking away from the different timings!
  2. but couldn't i bump the timings on the gskill to match the corsair while also bumping the voltage to 1.65? (to both increase stability and match the corsair's voltage)
  3. Yes you could! Better to slow the faster ram down than speeding the slower one up for stability. Like I said before they might very well work together but to me there is to much difference between them to risk instability.
  4. okay, so it SHOULD work if i lower the cosair's timings to match, and match the voltages right? is there any link between non-dual channeled memory pairs? or should it work okay if neither of them is stresses and they are on the same settings? if everything is stable specs-wise, would the brand mix matter?
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    No the brand mix would not matter if they run stable together in the first place. I have had good luck with running different ram together in the past but they have always had the same default voltage.
  6. thanks man, i'll give it a try! i dont mind lowering the timings on the corsair, its not a big deal. thanks again for the help :)
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