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i currently have an old motherboard with only pci. i'm planning on upgrading the video card later this year. i was wondering if i should stick with my current motherboard and buy a pci 9500gt 1gb or buy a motherboard with agp and buy an agp card. my processor runs on s478 and i do not want to buy a new processor and to my knowledge there is no pci-e s478 motherboard. if i were to buy the agp card should i buy the HIS H465F1GHA which is a 1gb ddr3 ati 4650 or the POWERCOLOR PCS Series AG4670 1GBK3-PV2 a hd 4670 1gb ddr3

thanks in advance
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    Are you on a very tight budget?

    Cause i think you will better with a whole new system...

    AGP is also an old technology, it's not worth at all to upgrade.
    What are you gonna do with this computer?
  2. the only difference i can see beetween the hd4650 and hd4670 is that that the 4650 core clock:500mhz mem clock:1300 4670 core clock:650mhz mem clock:1600mhz

    i think i could get the 4650 and just overclock it so it's like the 4670
  3. i just do a little web design and wath youtube

    this is purely for a performance increase
    i barley game at all maybe a little online flash game but not much
    right now i am using the integrated graphics wich is intel extreme graphics 64mb
  4. i have decided to build a whole new system
    amd athlon x2 4400e
    2x1gb ddr2 800
    radeon hd 4550
    super talent 32gb ssd
    450 watt power supply
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  6. Make sure you install the OS in your SSD, your computer will boot faster... :D
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