Custom cooling, do you have any pics?

Dudes, there are million ways to cool the ever so hot parts of the pc.
Yesterday i noticed my NB was getting seriously hot, i could melt wax on it.
So after taking it apart put a cooler on it, but since it has no place for screws, i tied a wire around it and tied it to the cpu cooler.
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  1. i recently changed the order of all the fans, because something was not right, heat kept building up inside the case.
    Now, i have one tornado fan at the bottom blowing in towards the graphics card, since that was pretty hot even with the original zalman fan, one fan blowing out at the bottom front, affixed a small p1 cpu cooler on top of the northbridge, and the cpu cooler just handles fine blowing hot air out at the back.
    If you need pics, just ask.
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