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i have an old asus PTGD1-LA motherboard a just wanted to know if i could stick an PCI-E 16x graphics card in and if it would work. the manual say this (this motherboard has one PCI express slot, which supports a 164-pin x16 interface graphics card)

just wanted to know if a regular PCI-E 16x graphics card will work in this. and if it does how much it will down grade the graphics card, if any.

thank you for any of your help
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    You can use a PCIe x16 version 2.0 card. Version 2.1 cards have had issues in older motherboards and are best avoided.
    Only the highest performing modern cards would feel the difference between a version 1.x slot and 2.0 slot so basically next to nothing on performance loss.
  2. sweet, thats just the info i needed. Thank you very much.
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