Will nvidia graphic cards shut down pc if they get to hot

will my graphic cards automaticaly shut down the pc if they get to hot.
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  1. Normally they will not shut down the entire system but they will shut down themselves or throttle down (dropping out of 3d mode or slowing performance) -- If the system is completely shutting down it is more likely a PSU heat issue (as the temp inside the case rises the psu puts out less clean power and if there is not enough overhead on the PSU's ability to provide power then a point will be reached where the system just shuts down when it can not get enough clean power to continue.)
  2. Yup, your pc won't shut down automatically because of overheated graphic card...
    But CPU, maybe...
    Failing PSU could give the same result...
    Artifacts and weird lines usually appears on your monitor if gpu is too hot.
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