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I Started building a new PC but didn't go all out as im on a strict budget my question is this computer good for say 2-3 years with the following specs?

Quad core Q8400
4 gigs DDR2 RAM 800MHz
Biostar G41-M7 Motherboard
730 Watt PSU Modular
GTX 260 Graphics card 896mb
Raidmax Skyline Case
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  1. 1 year to say the least. invest your money and wait for the new x68(not so sure) that rumors are telling that is coming this 2011.
  2. See the thing is i was going to go for DDR3 core i7 the works but from alot of research DDR4 will be coming up then now why go blow all the money on hardware that costs so much right now when i can wait 1 or 2 years but i hear what you say best to save up till i get enough to land myself a decent rig
  3. yes. but if you really have the money to burn. a i7 rig would be alive in 2-3 years from now. ddr4 and new intel chispets. maybe ccore i9. im not so sure though.
  4. Yeah doesn't matter how hard you try can't keep up with tech,but for now im good games ar not that demanding may i ask what your rig's specs is
  5. mine?
    core 2 duo e7500 oc'd @ 3.5ghz
    nvdia 9500gt
    asus P5KPL-AM SE
    2gb ddr2 ram

    going to upgrade next year though :D
  6. For a min i thought you had this ultra jacked up PC but Gf's bro has same mobo Dn't get a Biostar G41 wow can give you a head ache with the drivers i rate we wait till middle next year see what they come up with but from what i read DDr2 aint going anywher anytime soon so far spent R3782 on my pc building it R currency Rands
  7. oh,LOL im still a kid though thats why i dont have a really good rig.i really dont get biostar mobo's. as for me. asus and giga are the top mobo manufacturers. yeah. i thought so. ddr3 will also be obsolete when ddr4 comes up. tech is changing very fast.
    so my only advice. if your going to buy a new pc. buy a pc that can last for at least 3 years. so that you wont a have to hassle to buy something when there is new tech coming up.
  8. Well dude as much as i agree with your statement i don't think a pc will ever last three years withe ever so fast advancements,yours is a decent rig dude don't worry basically like mine and my gf's bro has the same mobo Pentium D cpu 2 gig DDr800 9600 GT Plays far cry 2 on high aslong as games run fast whose complaining best of the best is performance hungry gamers who are hard core
  9. uhm well, a i7 rig would last for 3 years IMO. 2009-2012. or maybe more. but for people who play games just to play. a mid range pc would suite them. it dpends o there needs. with your gtx 260. could also last until 2011 IMO. and thre you have a quad core. soo lets wrap up this thread.
  10. Yeah with the possibiltie of other cores you never know but yes lets wrap it thanks for your valued input
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