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Hi! This is my first post. My hard disk, a Samsung HD503HI will not run in SATA mode, it's running in ATA and I believe it's a driver issue, specifically related to the chipset. I did a clean install but this time the integrated chipset- an ATI Radeon Xpress 200 is not being recognized by windows. (XP 32bit SP2) There is instead a few devices listed listed under PCI with yellow exclamations next to them such as VGA Device and Multimedia device. This chipset contolls SATA function so I believe this is the problem. I have done a fresh install with the manufacturer's disk several times on this system and the chipset is always installed with the proper software and drivers with no intervention from me. If the hard drive is formatted immediately before installation I cannot imagine anything else I may be able to do to install it correctly. Has anyone ever seen a problem like this before? If you need more info or specs please ask. In the meantime I will try a battery pull for bios and retry the system recovery... maybe it's a bios setting...? Doubtful but I have to try something.
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  1. The exclamation mark usually means that windows located the device but no driver is installed. From device manager you can install the drivers either from the product disk or from the web.
  2. Right but all the drivers are on the original setup disk supplied with the comp. Upon installation all the drivers and programs and stuff are supposed to load on their own and everything is supposed to be functioning without any intervention from me. There is supposed to be the chipset visible under system devices and display adapter visible under display and audio adapter visible, which theyare not. Why is the comp not recognizing onboard hardware and loading the appropriate drivers? I have done the system recovery with reinstallation of windows several times over the years because of viruses and registry errors, etc and have never had this problem. I have never had to go online and search for all these drivers or had components not working properly.
  3. What rolli said. They're on the CD and the web
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