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I have a Sony vgn cs115j laptop that is constantly just instantly shutting off completely as if you were to pull the plug and battery out. I did some research and found that the fan could possibly be faulty so to check this I installed a sensor monitor software to check the cpu temperature. Right now its idling at 51 celsius. What i'd like to know is if thats too hot. My processor is a stock intel centrino as it came with the unit of course.

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    No. 51c is ok. Your system may heat up under load and the cpu fan may have stopped turning due to dust build up. I suggest you use a canned air product to clean it at least once a year. They contain solvents that evaporate quickly leaving no residue. But you may also benefit from a laptop cooler. Some come with 2 fans and sit under the laptop. They aren't much; some are only $10-15 or less after rebate.
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  3. Thank you very much for your fast response, I'll get to the store in the morning and try what you suggested.

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