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Hey all,

I'm looking to upgrade my current system gradually over the next 6 months to a year. Unfortunately I don't have the upfront money to put a brand new build together right away so I'll just pick away at it. In any case here's my current system:

Intel 975XBX2KR
E6600 OC'd to 3.0 Ghz
ATI 1900XTX 512MB
4GB GSkill 800Mhz
WD 5400RPM 320GB HD

As you can see it's been a while since my last upgrade. My thoughts are to start with a new video card as I believe that will make the most difference with performance. I'm looking at an ATI 5850.

All advice is appreciated, thanks folks!
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  1. ^ You might want to wait till Mid-July as Nvidia will be launching their newer Fermi GF104 based cards that time...So ATI to compete will reduce the price of its cards significantly...
    And what PSU do you have?? And HD 5850 ? Do you game @ high resolutions and what type of games ??
  2. PSU is Corsair 750W

    Currently running all game at 1680 x 1050, mostly from a couple generations behind, CSS, TF2 etc. I'll be looking to build a pretty decent rig being able to run most games at 1900 x 1200 in the future. I'm just getting back into more of the modern gaming, but my rig won't run most of them at an acceptable framerate, hence upgrading.
  3. ^ Well then the HD 5850 is a good choice...
    And why not try to overclock your CPU to even more slightly higher levels...Do you have an after market CPU cooler ?
  4. Yea I have an Arctic Freezer Pro 7, I had on a couple of occasions tried to get it up past 3.0Ghz but wasn't able to get it stable. I haven't fiddled with it in a while so I may try again.
  5. ^ hmm...then its fine...
    And am sure the HD 5850 would make a lot(I mean huge) of difference with gaming...
  6. Great, thats exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks for your help!
  7. ^ Glad I could...
    And in some cases, the full potential of the HD 5850 might be limited due to the CPU...just saying...
  8. Yea I figured thats where the next bottleneck would be, but that'll will have to wait for some other time.
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