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My Radeon 4670 fan probably has some problem and I wonder if anyone went through this and how they proceeded to fix it (if possible). It does a huge noise when I turn on my computer. The catch is, if I touch the fan it becomes silent again. Sometimes it insists in being noisy but I can always insist into touching it (and eventually stopping it completely for half a second) and it stops. Once it stops it only happens when I turn off the computer for some hours and turn it on again.

I push the card to it's limits in games with no overheating or other issues at all. So, anyone else has ever experienced that? How can I detach the fan to check it out?
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  1. First take the card out, then remove the fan. Take the fan apart or at the least the sticker if you have any motor oil or WD40 and re-oil it. That will take care of the noises after that put the fan back on and pop the card in.
  2. Try as nforce4max said above... :)
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