My core i7 980x exceed the tdp (130) !

i have i7 980x (ud7 motherboard) and i noticed from hw monitor the processor in certain games or when i render in 3dmax sometimes it exceed the tdp (130 w) to 133w,136w and 139w,

the temperature doesn't go more than 65 or 66 sometimes less and the fan works fine, so does that bad or something wrong ? and what should i do ?
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  1. intel lies about its tdp, theyve done it since the beginning of time, unless you have it overclocked, in which case the tdp must go up
  2. am not overcloking at all,all in default
  3. I am not sure if Intel factors in the power consumption in turbo mode. I think that 130 watt is for when its at stock clock speed or it could be that the HWMonitior is simply just inaccurate most likely this.
  4. TDP
    CPU Power dissipation
    " Datasheets normally contain the thermal design power (TDP), which is the maximum amount of power the cooling system in a computer is required to dissipate. Both Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) have defined TDP as the maximum power consumption for thermally significant periods running worst-case non-synthetic workloads. Thus, TDP is not the actual maximum power of the processor. "
  5. thx alot
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